Setting Up Web Development Environment on Your Mac

Moving to Mac recently? I moved to Mac in 2008, since then I never touch windows again except in a condition that I have to. For me, who has been using windows for more than 10 years, moving to Mac needs time to get used to its environment. Especially my work environment – web development and programming.

But, after a while, moving to Mac the one of the best decision in my life. Mac has been very friendly and it has a lot of cool stuffs and tools. In this post, I’m going to share my web development environment under Mac OS.


MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a must have tool for web developer like me. MAMP offer free & easy to use apache web server on your Mac. By using MAMP, you can manage, start, stop your Apache and MySQL server in very user friendly way.

MAMP Control Center
MAMP Control Center


2. Sublime Text 2

There are so many text editor for mac out there. But I prefer Sublime Text 2 for its simplicity, modular, and lightweight. I have used TextMate, Coda, Espresso, MacVim and many other editors but none of them as powerful, lightweight as Sublime Text 2.

Sublime Text 2
Sublime Text 2

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3. Navicat Premium

If you are a web developer you will deal with databases, either MySQL, PostGre, or even Oracle. Using web based database management like phpMyAdmin sometimes gives you headache. Especially when you try to build complex query and need to save that query for later use.

Navicat Premium for Mac
Navicat Premium for Mac

Navicat Premium has been my favorite tool even before moving to Mac. You can connect to many type database on remote servers, you can moving data as simple as copy-paste, and many more features that make me hard to move to other similar apps. Navicat Premium is not free, if you don’t have budget to buy this software you can try other similar like SQLYog, etc

 4. Transmit

The last thing in web development environment is the tool for uploading files to your live web server. For this purpose, my favorite tool is Transmit by Panic. Transmit allows me to sync my local files with remote files, in-transmit editing, and many more. Transmit also capable to connect to Amazon S3.


Well, that’s all my basic tools for web development purposes. I can’t live without one of this apps on my MacBook Pro. There’s another tools for advanced development purpose but I will share in another post.

If you have tools that’s also great for web development, please share using the comment form below.

Cheers 🙂

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