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Andri YudatamaMy name is Andri Yudatama, graduated as Bachelor of Economics from Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. Although I have economic background from my formal education, I chosed to be a web developer, a very good one.

I have started designing websites since the year 2001. At that time Macromedia Flash is the most popular tool for building rich and interactive website. I started design my own website with Flash.

As the time goes by, there are new technologies arises in the market. HTML5 and CSS3 is one of my favorite. I started develop website with HTML5 and CSS3 with a very good understanding in web design concept since then. I have done a lot of website project with many of them cannot be published here (because of the legal agreement with my clients).

Now, in 2012 I started to enter the mobile app development world starting with Titanium Mobile and XCode 4. Moving from web to mobile development unexpectedly is not as easy as I thought before. The mobile application development is totally different with web application development. I think it’s just about time before I master the mobile app development world.


PT Generasi Indonesia Digital (www.gen.net.id)

Assigned as a senior web developer for a company that is very ambitious about Indonesian Music Industry. Developed a digital music platform distribution system to facilitate retailers and resellers to sell music using our platform.

PT Bubu Kreasi Perdana (www.bubu.com)

As a Project Manager, I managed multiple complex website, microsite, mobile app projects to meet client needs and deadlines. Involved with a broad network of freelance developers nationwide.

Array Interactive, Inc (www.arrayinteractive.com)

As a senior developer at Array Interactive, I am responsible for the Digital Signage development from scratch to testing. Operates in Jakarta in coordination with San Jose, CA headquarters.

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  1. Hello Mr, Andri,

    I was wondering about your familiarization with Mobile App in segments of gaming, I am looking for an app programmer specializing in game applications.

    Please let me know your possibilities with regards to my inquiry.

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